The world is full of dots. It’s our job to connect them so that people can see the full picture.

Why work with the guys at Take Traction?

How many times have you woken up at night with that sinking feeling? You know – The one that questions everything you’re doing with your business.

You’ve invested everything you’ve got into it, yet it just doesn’t seem to be getting the growth you feel it deserves.

And we know this feeling because we’ve been through it many times ourselves. It’s a feeling that almost every entrepreneur goes through at some point, but only the successful ones work out how to push past it.

Hi, I’m Cristian.

And I’m Charlie.

Each of us have founded multiple 6-figure companies, including an agency where together we helped many entrepreneurs grow their 6 and 7-figure businesses.

We’ve tried and tested hundreds of different marketing strategies over the years and learned from our failures, as much as our successes.

First, we’re going to let you in on a little secret


We’ve worked for agencies. We’ve founded and run our own agencies. And here’s what we’ve noticed: The agency model sucks!

Here’s why:

1. While many jobs succeed, most of them fail, allowing agencies to highlight their successes, and pull a cloth over their failures. It is simply a game of numbers.

2. Staff salaries have to be paid no matter what, often causing agencies to take on projects that they don’t believe in.

3. Agencies are overpriced. With an agency, although they don’t disclose this with you, you can end up paying as much as $300, or even $500 per hour for the work they do. Yet the people actually doing the work are only being paid a small fraction of that – usually around about $20 per hour.

This may sound dramatic, but believe us – it’s true! We’ve seen it from the inside and those simple three reasons above were enough for us to walk away from a profitable company.

Instead, we’ve decided to do things a little differently…



1. No outsourcing – we do it all

When you work with Take Traction you work with two people only – Cristian and Charlie. We will never outsource any of our work to freelancers, contractors or other agencies.

Need a service that we don’t provide? We’ve got lots of great contacts that we can introduce you to and we’ll be happy to work alongside them.

2. Fair prices – not agency prices

With us, what you pay for is what you get.  No middle man. No admin fee. While most agencies have more margins than an A4 Moleskin, we keep our overheads low, so that time is the only thing your pay for.

3. Full attention – never too many clients

We believe in producing quality work and it has become clear to us that this is not possible when you are overworked. That’s why we’ve decided to limit ourselves to a maximum of 3 clients at any given moment. Attention is a precious commodity.


Just a couple of decades ago, ‘marketing’ was essentially a synonym for the word, ‘advertising’. It was pretty slow moving, making it easy for people to learn the trade from textbooks and call themselves professionals.

But the internet changed everything. All of a sudden, a new, unlimited stream of marketing channels opened up. The creation of Google, Youtube, Facebook… Every new online business became a potential new marketing platform.

Schools tried to keep up with the rapid changes in marketing by offering degrees in SEO and Social Media Marketing. But what good is a degree if the whole game has changed by the time your 3-year course comes to an end?


It means you’ve got to be quick. Every marketing opportunity today, may be obsolete tomorrow. Only someone who is profoundly aware of the changing environment has the opportunity to make their business succeed. And those that don’t will find themselves clinging onto strategies that are no longer effective.

Right about now you may be thinking to yourself, “how am I supposed to have profound marketing knowledge when I’m busy trying to run a business?”

That’s where we come in. At Take Traction we work hard to be the eyes and ears for your company, making sure that no rock goes unturned.

Using our experience and knowledge in digital marketing, we look for opportunities and get to work testing hard and fast. Then it’s down to the data to tell us which are the best marketing channels for your company.

– You may need more traffic from Google Adwords or Social Media.
– Or perhaps your existing customers aren’t engaged enough to keep them coming back for more.
– Maybe you’ve got a lot of existing traffic and a simple 1% increase in your conversion rate could literally double your business!

Whatever it is, we’re here to help your business get the traction it needs using the channels that are right for you.