#11 – The importance of funnels in marketing (and an amazing magic trick!)

Funnels. What would we do without them?

They’re the heart and soul of digital marketing. They should be part of absolutely every marketing campaign you run at your company. But I can bet you they’re not!

Here’s the thing: You’ve heard lots about funnels. You’ve maybe even got a couple up and running right now. But you still don’t realise just how important they are! That’s why you need to listen to today’s show.

In this episode we’re going to be telling you all about funnels and how you should be using them in your business. And it’s not even complicated! In fact, if you take the advice from today’s show and implement it in your business it will actually make your life easier! How about that for a promise 😉

So, tune out from the world and tune in to The Take Traction Show. Enjoy!

Links and Resources:

  • Graze.com – A great example of a marketing funnel
  • Thebeardclub.com (previously known as Dollarbeardclub.com) – Another great example of a marketing funnel
  • Crazyegg.com – You guessed it… another great example
  • site:crazyegg.com – Search you can do to see just how many pages are on the Crazy Egg domain – currently 2090. You would never think it by visiting their homepage.

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