#30 – How to beat 90% of the competition on Upwork

  • 0:08:07 – Opinews
  • 0:44:12 – Feature – How to beat 90% of the competition on Upwork

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This week we’ve got a great few segments coming up for you:


In this week’s Opinews:

    • Walmart breaks into the Chinese market… AGAIN!
    • Patreonage makes an acquisition that could change the future of content monetisation.
    • Turns out, no one buys anything with Alexa… surprise surprise.
    • Facebook has something on the horizon that could help improve your business page’s organic reach.
    • Y-Combinator startup, Jetlenses aims to seriously reduce the cost of contact lenses in a currently overpriced market.
    • Walmart and Amazon go head to head with grocery pickup services, but Walmart got a robot!

Feature – How to beat 90% of the competition on Upwork


In today’s feature we’re going to be sharing tips and tricks for you to win more business on Upwork.

Why? Well, we strongly believe that freelancing is a great gateway into building your own business. It allows you to work on your own terms and gives the the freedom and flexibility to be able to spend more time working on your side hustle. If you’ve ever thought about freelancing but been too worried about being able to get enough business, the tips in today’s show will guarantee you close business everytime. 

Well… maybe not every time. But we’ve managed to close about 1 in 10 job applications by applying these tactics and it’s helped sustain us for over two years now.

If it wasn’t for the ideas we share in today’s show, we simply wouldn’t be able to do this podcast, let alone all the other projects we’ve got going on at the moment.

So, pull out a pen and paper, sit back with a glass of wine, and get ready to find out how to nail some contracts.


Links and Resources:

  • Upwork – Our favourite freelancing platform. We’ve generated over $200k from this platform in the past couple of years, which has helped support many of our other business ventures.
  • Freelancer – Another great freelancing platform.
  • The User is Drunk – Where it all began. A must see once you’ve finished listening to today’s episode.

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