#31 – Adapt or die – The importance of changing your mind





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This week we’re having a bit of a switch around with our show format. As of today (and for the forseeable future), we’re going to be creating shorter, 10-30 minute podcast episodes with just one topic.

Recently we’ve been playing with longer-form, segment-based episodes that run for as long as 2 hours. We did this because we really enjoy making the podcast and wanted to play around with different segments. What went wrong? Well, nothing actually. It was awesome! BUT. It just took way too much time to do each week.

Each podcast required at least 2 hours of preparation, followed by 2 hours of recording time (3 if you include set up) and then 2 or 3 hours of post production and publishing on different mediums.

That’s 8 hours… a whole working day!

Now, unfortunately, since we don’t make any money from the podcast, it simply isn’t feasable for us to keep this up. Hence why we’ve switched to this shorter, my actionable format.

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While we may be making the show shorter, it’s still important for us to be making it better. That’s why we’ve decided to begin recording video as well. Now you can watch all episodes with video over on YoutubeHead over there now to check it out and please don’t forget to subscribe!


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