#9 – Are chatbots the future of ecommerce?

Artifical intelligence. It’s what everyone’s talking about these days. But unless you’re a crazy nerd who’s working on an AI project, the odds are you haven’t found any way to use it yet. But what about chatbots?

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular these days. In some countries such as China they’re heavily dependant on them for making regular purchases. So how are they going to affect you and your ecommerce empire? And should you already be using them?

In today’s episode you’ll find out about some cool existing chatbots that you can be using to grow your business right now, as well as some speculation on where this whole chatbot thing is going. By the way, it’s not where you think.

Buckle in and open those ear holes of yours because you’re about to find out all about chatbots.



Chatbots Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Chatfuel – Build Facebook chatbots without any coding.
  • Manychat – Same as Chatfuel… competitor.
  • Growthbot – Add it to Slack and use it as your personal assitant. Ask it questions and let it do research for you.
  • Standupbot – Use it to organise your team by interacting with each member and collecting information from them to find out what everyone is working on and what they have achieved in the day.
  • Cleverbot – Just for fun. Chat with this bot about anything. Perhaps the only true AI example from the podcast.
  • Kit – A chatbot Shopify app for you, the store owner, not the consumer. Kit is your marketing assistant, creating and running advertising campaigns when needed, and keeping you updated via SMS.

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