#27 – Dealing with Chinese suppliers & not getting screwed over

  • 0:11:00 – Opinews
  • 0:33:57 – Feature – Dealing with Chinese suppliers & not getting screwed over
  • 1:35:26 – When Shit Hit The Fan

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This week we’ve got a great few segments coming up for you:


In this week’s Opinews:

    • Amazon Prime Day wrap up.
    • Mall For Africa and DHL team up to bring the world a brand new African marketplace where you can buy artesanal products.
    • Alibaba boosts its offline reach with a $2.2 billion investment in an advertising firm.
    • H&M tests one-day delivery service.
    • Media Markt gets sued for saying “product coming soon.”



In today’s feature we’ll be discussing our recent experience with Chinese suppliers and how we managed to avoid getting screwed over along the way. We’ll go over:

    • How to find new suppliers.
    • How to avoid getting spammed.
    • How to reach out to suppliers for the first time and how to ask the right questions.
    • How to work out if you’re talking with a manufacturer or a trader.
    • How to use an inspection company to avoid unwanted issues upon delivery of goods


When Shit Hit The Fan

Here’s a brand new segment for you guys! Today we’ll be discussing failures. It’s important to talk about failures. We spend so much time hearing about the successes of others that we tend to forget that most successes are preceeded by massive failures. Today Cristian will be sharing a big failure of his that ultimately cost him 6 months of his life and a couple thousand euros.

Had a failure yourself? Come on, you know you have! Share it with us over at facebook.com/taketraction and we’ll read it out in next weeks show! Listening to this long after it was published? It doesn’t matter! Come and share anyway. We’d love to hear from you and share your story with our listeners.


Links and Resources:

  • Amazon courses:
    • My Wife Quit Her Job – Steve Chou created this Profitable Online Store course with great reviews for just $1500.
    • Ecom Crew – Mike and Dave have created a bunch of useful guides and premium support over at ecomcrew.com for just $79 per month.
  • Other links:
    • Alibaba – Source almost any product from China and find the right supplier for you.
    • Ali Express – Buy individual products from Chinese suppliers… no bulk ordering required.
    • Asia Inspection – The best investment we’ve made on our Chinese adventure.


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