#26 – How to use discounts THE RIGHT WAY

0:8:00 – Opinews
0:50:40 – Feature – How to use discounts THE RIGHT WAY
1:30:46 – Game show – Funded or Fake?
2:00:42 – Riddle – If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, who am I to Teresa?

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Today we’re launching a brand new podcast format. After starting the Opinews show on Fridays we realised that we really enjoyed doing a mix of things, not just a feature show.

So we’ve decided to do exactly that by combining the two together and throwing in a bunch of new segments on top of that. We’ll be playing quiz show games, discussing books, creating audience segments and much more.

Stick around to see what new segments we’ll be throwing in there and leave us a message on our Facebook page if you have any suggestions.

This week we’ve got a great few segments coming up for you:

  • In this week’s Opinews:
    • Online mattress retailers, Casper, is selling ‘sleep’ in their latest publicity stunt – The Dreamery
    • There’s a lot of Amazon business going on as always. But could a secret discovery of an integration or even a potential acquisition of Snapchat be real?
    • Amazon’s Last Mile program could be a new franchise that supports war veterans.
  • In today’s feature we’ll be discussing everything to do with discounts…
    • Why you should avoid becoming known as a discount brand.
    • The problem with people being too afraid of becoming a discount brand.
    • How to use discounts to empower your brand and create sustainable growth.
    • Trigger marketing and how it can be used to give a personalised experience.
    • Different scenarios that you can use discounts for without it damaging your brand.
  • We’ve also got our first game show segment – Funded or Fake? This week I read out 5 ridiculous Kickstarter campaigns as Cristian tries to work out if they are funded or fake. Who will win?


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