Opinews #3 – Shopify’s new app, Alibaba’s acquisition, cryptocurrency interest rates & driverless cars

We’re back with with your favourite weekly news show – Opinews! Well… it’s our favourite at least.

This week shit is going down in our opinion based news. We’ve got:

  • Shopify’s new app – Shopify Ping! These guys are changing ecommerce for the better and this app has been long awaited. Finally a way to organise all of you customer communications into one easy chat app. Nice work Shopify! We’ll be jumping into the beta test!
  • Alibaba’s made an acquisition. Whenever a company as big as Alibaba buys another company, it’s something you should be paying attention to, but due to other circumstances, this one could be a serious game changer. Asia is going to be the next best thing!
  • Coinbase has made its first external investment! And of course it’s an investment into a cryptocurrency company. Expect Coinbase to soon be integrating with their new investment, Compound!
  • Driverless cars. Texas. July. 2018. WTF! Check out Drive.ai now.
  • What the hell is Walmart doing? They’ve sold a massive UK supermarket chain to chase after Amazon. Are they getting in too deep?

Find out all this and more in today’s show! Enjoy.

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