Opinews #6 – Augmented reality to change the customer buying experience and 3-wheeler “lawnmowers” to take over city deliveries

It’s that time of the week again ladies and gents, and boy have we got some exciting ecommerce news for you today.

Here’s what’s coming up in today’s show:

  • Ecommerce sales in india are expected to jump by as much as 31% in 2018 – no surprise really since Amazon and Flipkart are both operating at huge losses just to pump money into ecommerce and try to win the market (Amazon’s annual operating loss is USD $750 million!).
  • 3-wheeler tractor lawn-mower-looking things are taking over delivery services in major German cities to speed up delivery times and reduce carbon footprint.
  • More from Germany… Amazon is the place where Germans are spending most of their time online according to a survey performed by Innofact.
  • Are you investing in your prodcut images and videos? Good, how about augmented reality? Well, you should be according to a survey conducted by PushON. Visualisation is massively important for customers and it turns out that 45% of people would be willing to spend more money online if they could get a better idea of what the product looks/feels like.
  • Now you can purchase event tickets straight through Snapchat thatnks to its partnership with SeatGeek.
  • Patreon has acquired merchandise logistics company, Kit, in an attempt to further advance creators’ ability to monetise their work.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for tuning in!

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